Bonus Clues for CWC 100

It's hard to put this page up without admitting it's an ego trip to do so. I have included here the clues from the bonus phrase set for the 100th CWC clue writing competition on rec.puzzles.crosswords.

Below you will find a bunch of crossword clues which share the same answer, namely (ahem) `Ian Gent'.

I started the Clue Writing Competition in May 1992, and as I write this on 5th March 1998, CWC 126 has just finished. So I lay claim to two unusual achievements with this page. People from around the world have set cryptic clues to which I am the answer. And I started a thread on a newsgroup which is still going almost 6 years on.

In about September 1996, Cruciver won CWC 99 and decided to offer a bonus word for CWC 100. So Cruciver is ultimately responsible for the existence of this page.

The clues are given below with credit to the author but not their emails (if you are listed below, and want me to put your email here let me know.) I have omitted explanations although in some cases they are obscure. If you are stuck, mail me!

You should be able to deduce the author of the last clue.

Here are a couple of links. To my home page and to a list of all words used in all the r.p.c. clueing competitions, provided by the winner of CWC 100.