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Ian Gent's Chess Problems

A taste of things to come. Soon the British Chess Problem Society (Logo above) will be on the Web! At the moment, all that is available is the electronic catalogue of the library of the Society.

To date I have composed two chess problems that have been published. Here they are:

The Problemist, July 1994

[Mate in two, PRA]

#2 PRA

This means that white has to play and mate in two moves against any defence. PRA (Partial Retrograde Analysis) means that you have to consider the history of the game to reach this position, to give the answer.

The Problemist Supplement, November 1994

[8/8/1KN5/BN6/k7/1p6/8/8, #4]


White has to play and mate in four moves, against any defence.

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